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Education Research
Current Research Projects

  The impact of engineering on K-12 students' problem solving skills
This research project will look to evaluate and understand how the problem solving skills of students who are engaged with hands-on open ended design are impacted.
Inservice Teachers and the Engineering Design Process.  The goal of this project was to investigate the design processes used by teachers in a professional development workshop involving hands-on LEGO challenges. I was interested in the design process of each teacher, and how this evolved during the workshop.
  Robotics: Fundamentals of IT and Engineering - The project addresses the urgent need to enhance students’ interest and performance in STEM courses. In the near term, project leaders are helping Massachusetts schools and students meet statewide academic standards.

Students Multiple Representations of their Ideas about Science
This research project aims to learn how students represent their ideas through different systems, namely stop-action movies.

  Effects of STOMP on Engineering Students' Attitudes and Understandings Toward the Engineering Design Process - This disseration work will analyze the effects related to understandings, attitudes, confidence, and communication skills directly resultant from an educational outreach experience.
  Educatiional Value of Engineering Design Activities in the Science Classroom. The goal of this research is to determine and analyze the effects of using engineering design activities and instructional technologies on students motivation and understanding of science and mathematics concepts.
  Effects of Engineering Design Pedagogy on the Learning of Science Fundamentals in Grades 3-5 This research addresses the need for improved learning and teaching of elementary-level science through the development, implementation, and evaluation of engineering-based science curriculum for grades 3-5.
Previous Research Projects


Gender Differences in Children Problem Solving in the Domain of Engineering.
This project will look at gender differences in how children approach and solve engineering problems.