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Dan Hake

I am a first-year graduate student at Tufts University. My research is focused on creating a robotic system that mimics both the soft-bodied locomotion and the passive gripping of the tobacco hornworm caterpillar (manduca sexta). This work is being cooperatively advised by Dr. Chris Rogers of the Mechanical Engineering Department., and Dr. Barry Trimmer of the Biology Department.

Prior to studying at Tufts, I recieved my B.S. M.E. from the Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, MD. As an undergraduate, I worked in Dr. Allison Okamura's Haptics Exploration Lab, on a "robot finger" system that performs 2-D manipulation and sensing. I was part of a four-person Senior Design Project team that developed a robotic land-mine detector, in conjuction with Dr. Carl Nelson at the JHU Applied Physics Lab. I also worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the W.P. Carey Program in Entrepreneurship and Management.

A full-version of my resume is available in MSWord format.

You can contact me at daniel.hake@tufts.edu